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Release Notes

2020-08-08 - v1.4.1


  • error hops are always rendered with name - not just color
  • Write to File step supports writing binary content
  • hop tooltip displays which step created or last modified a field


  • SQL Insert step - Fetch SQL button produces error

2020-07-31 - v1.4.0


  • Breaker step - Aborts a data flow after reaching a threshold of rows passed
  • Look ahead/behind step - Makes previous and next rows available in data flows
  • Rows exist step - Generates a single row in a separate branch if row stream is empty
  • Configurable max size of preview field data when running flows

2020-07-27 - v1.3.0


  • Read Excel File step


  • Fixes UI issue with focus when changing between tabs
  • Better visibility for grid dots on canvas

2020-07-20 - v1.2.1


  • Better error message when Generic Jdbc Connection does not produce a connection
  • Fixes issue with Find Files step accepting settings from field references
  • Fixes issue with properly discarding stderr output in Run Process step

2020-07-17 - v1.2.0


  • Python Step - calls a Python function for every input row

2020-07-10 - v1.1.4


  • Support for data driven output columns on:
    • CSV Output
    • ORC Output
    • SQL Insert
  • Experimental support for Python

2020-06-27 - v1.1.2


  • Experimental support for Hive and ORC files

2020-06-23 - v1.1.0


  • SHA and MD5 functions available through a function widget
  • SHA and MD5 functions availabe in tweakstreet/crypto module

2020-06-15 - v1.0.2


  • portable *.zip distribution available for Windows
  • portable *.tar.gz distribution available for Linux


  • fix race condition when opening files on startup
  • fixes encoding issues on windows

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