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Design on your desktop — run anywhere.

A tool for modern data integration

Tweakstreet is a tool you run on your computers. It is not a service. You are always in complete control of your data.

Design using a desktop app and run anywhere: your desktop, data center, or cloud servers.

Connect to anything

Tweakstreet has connectors for many common data sources such as file formats, databases, and online services. We're regularly adding new connectors to new releases.

  • File formats

    Out of the box support for common data exchange formats such as: CSV, XML, and JSON files.

  • SQL databases

    You can work with popular SQL databases like Postgres, MariaDB, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, or DB2. In addition Tweakstreet offers generic support for any database that has JDBC drivers.

  • Web APIs

    Tweakstreet supports HTTP interfaces such as REST-style APIs. First class support for OAuth 2.0 authentication enables access to popular APIs like Google Spreadsheets, Google Analytics, JIRA, etc.

Perfect for tree-like data

Tweakstreet represents all data natively as JSON-style nestable data structures. Other tools are often limited by treating data as flat records.

  • JSON support

    Easily parse JSON data from any data source. You can also generate JSON-encoded data in case you need to save a JSON file or call a JSON-based web service.

  • XML support

    Parse XML to a traversable data structure from any data source. You can just as easily produce XML from data if you need to save XML files or call XML-based data services.

Runs everywhere

Tweakstreet run on Windows, macOS and Linux systems.

  • Design on your desktop

    Tweakstreet offers a desktop workbench with an intuitive GUI to design and run data pipelines.

    Be productive immediately as you observe data flowing through your pipelines.

  • Run on command line

    Run your data workflows from the command line. No desktop environment is required.

    Schedule and run data pipelines on headless server environments.

  • Deploy with Docker

    Use ready-made Docker images to run your data pipelines in production.

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